Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More about LOBi, SharePoint 2007 and Office Business Application (OBA) Services

A short link overview:

  • TechEd : LOBi and Office System unveiled - Office Systems 2007 will include a series of common services (=Office Business Application Services) such as business process/data repository, search, security components, UI components,workflow and XML file formats
  • Microsoft opens next versions of Office, SharePoint to developers - On June 12, company officials announced that they have christened six Office 2007 and SharePoint Server 2007 platform technologies as "Office Business Application (OBA) Services."
  • Microsoft previews LOBi (Line Of Business interoperability) for SharePoint Server
  • Want a Duet of your own, try SharePoint - LOBi will be the seventh Office Business Application service, officials said. These services are designed to enable developers to create applications of their own that are like the "Duet" Microsoft-SAP mash-up.
  • Microsoft outlines app integration plan in TechEd keynote - In his keynote, Capossela said unified communications and collaboration was one component of the strategy, along with enterprise content management and business intelligence. This will all be delivered through Microsoft's Office 2007 System, in products like Office Sharepoint Server 2007 and Office Enterprise 2007, the engineering of which is on track to be completed by October 2006, Capossela said.
  • Office Business Application Services & Dynamics - Think of OBA as the platform support for "business mash-ups" in Office. To date we have been using Sharepoint 2.0 on the server and VSTO on the client in Office 2003 for our integration. With Office 2007, we get many additional services across - on the server we get Business Data Catalog, Workflow, better provider models for security & search, new Excel server; and on the client new UX extensibility; Open XML Formats. All these services enable developers to start using Office as the "data middle tier" and "client" that "composes" multiple back end applications into more "role centric" experiences ... Dynamics AX 4.0, being released at Tech Ed, has its entire portal in Sharepoint. Dynamics SNAP apps are great examples of "business mash-ups" we deliver using VSTO and enable Word, Excel and Outlook to get at any business entity from within Dynamics in the context of the Office document. Its important to note that "out of the box" Office 2007 OBA services will work with Dynamics given that work we have already done exposing Dynamics in Sharepoint and also general Web Services infrastructure in Dynamics. That said we will exploit some of the new capabilities in Office 2007. For example in Dynamics GP 10.0 (early CY 07), will go further and embed Office 2007 Server and exploit BDC, BI, search and workflow capabilities.

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