Monday, July 02, 2007

One fine day

... but quite busy. I had a lot of fun on Thursday  - I started the day with doing Exam 70-630: Configuring Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and passed it with a nice score. This exam seems to be a lot easier then the Application Development on MOSS exam, which I took earlier.

In the afternoon, the very first Belgian CommunityDay - where the different user groups BIWUG , Pro-Exchange, VISUG, SQLUG and IT-Talks. The thing we kind of missed was that the location was quite near Rock Werchter - so some people arrived a little bit late.

There were some quite sessions however and a nice informal "ambiance" ... - I also did a session about SharePoint Community Tools - in which I selected some of the tools listed in the SharePoint Tools Collection V2. Some things I unfortunately skipped but which are definitely way cool:

  • LINQ To SharePoint - there is a new release availabe on Codeplex (v 0.2) which targets Orcas Beta1 - you might want to use the Orcas VPC since it's still beta soft. How cool is to make a CAML query on a  SharePoint custom list like this
var src = new SharePointDataSource<Customers>(new Uri“<http://mywss3.local>”));
var res = from c in src
orderby c.LastName, c.Age descending
where c.FirstName == “Bart” && c.Age >= 24 && c.FavoriteFood == FavoriteFood.Pizza
select new { Name = c.FirstName + “ “ + p.LastName, c.Age };

foreach (var c in res)

More details about it on Bart's blog


After the sessions - great food and drinks and some time to meet with peers ... I guess that we will try to repeat this one next year and I hope to meet more of you guys at  Belgian CommunityDay 2008.

PS See what Katrien has to say about CommunityDay ...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joris,

Thanks for linking to LINQ to SharePoint. There's a new 0.2.2 release available as of today, with improved tool support. Check it out on