Monday, November 12, 2007

SharePoint bloggers @ Dolmen

I'm actually proud to work at Dolmen ( ) - and one of the reasons why is because we have a great team of highly motivated people who will basically do "almost" everything to get the job done. And what is more - they are not afraid to share their experiences. If you want to see how they are coping with SharePoint projects, check out their  blogs:


For a complete listing of all bloggers @ Dolmen - check out the listing on the right hand side in the navigation...


P.S. 1 If you want to work with us ... you might want to come by for the Dolmen Jobbrunch on the 24th of november - for more info take a look at . And don't worry we do not only do SharePoint development, ...

P.S. 2 If you are a student which needs to do an IT internship - leave a comment with your contact details. I will forward these to HR so that they can provide you with more details about our internship programs.

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