Sunday, May 11, 2008

Migrating from CMS2002 to MOSS 2007: XML placeholder controls

For people performing a migration from MCMS 2002 to MOSS 2007, this whitepaper is a must read - Assessing and analyzing your MCMS2002 application for migration.

One thing you will notice in this white paper is that there is no straightforward workaround for people who used the MCMS2002 XML placeholder controls.

I checked with Andrew and he gave me this feedback:

The problem is that the XML Placeholder controls don’t map to anything in MOSS… XML placeholder controls were used as the base storage vehicle for custom placeholder controls in MOSS. Since they were custom, there is nothing to equate them to in MOSS.

The content will migrate just fine, but as a multiple lines of text field. You’ll likely want to create custom field controls for these, unless you want your authors to edit raw XML and display raw XML.

Some other tips you might want to think about when migrating from MCMS 2002:

  • Completly rethink the way that you used your templates in MCMS2002 - to get things working you probably used the CMS Publishing API which is completely deprecated.Explore the MOSS API
  • The OOTB content migration in MOSS is pretty basic, if you have a  big site start looking at third party migration tools such as the one from Metalogix.


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