Monday, May 12, 2008

Started trying out Twitter

Hype, fad or something else ... still not sure yet - there probably are some uses to it but since I'm not convinced  I decided to try it out myself. If you want to follow me - check out If you new to Twitter, you might want to look at the Newbie's guide to Twitter and if you are not convinced you might want to take a look at  12 reasons to start Twittering ... Twittering seems to enable you to disseminate those little thoughts/feelings (from brilliant to just plain meaningless) which seem to pop up in your head (but are gone a minute later). So a lot is just that - plain meaningless chatter but sometimes there's a little gem in there ...

Some interesting tools to check out  as well:

  • Twessenger: This essentially means that you can update your Live Messenger status from wherever you are, since Twitter supports updates via the web interface, IM, and SMS messages from your cellphone.
  • Twhirl : very nice looking Twitter client which uses Adobe AIR.

Not sure if this correct but to use a new interesting word that I recently heard about ... stop bogarting your knowledge/thoughts/whatever ... and share it on Twitter :-)...

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