Sunday, November 16, 2008

Office 14 hits the web

Lot of buzz around the Office 14 webapps - basically web -based versions of Word, Excel and OneNote, using  Silverlight and Ajax. One of the things which excites me most is collaborative editing of documents, with automatic synchronisation of changes when multiple users are editing a document. For more info take a look at Channel 9 Webcast - Office 14 for the web . And for some excellent screenshots of Office 14 webapps take a look at  Microsoft Office 14 Web Applications Preview as well as Microsoft to Extend Office to the browser

So when to expect this stuff to be released? Mary Jo Foley provides some "educated guesses":

There will be a private tech preview of Office Web applications starting later this year. Those interested in participating will be able to sign up for the preview  from the Office Live Workspace site.

Microsoft officials still won’t talk about when Office 14 is due to ship. Until recently, many expected it to be released in the latter half of 2009. But I’ve been hearing recent scuttlebutt that 2010 might be a more realistic target.

PS Apparently Office 14 webapps will also offer cross-browser support  ...

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