Sunday, March 08, 2009

My SharePoint developer toolkit

Every SharePoint developer should invest some time in building up his own toolkit to make the development experience a more fluid and efficient one. This is a preliminary list of SharePoint tools aimed at SharePoint developers. I will update this list quite regularly to keep it up to date with new releases. If you think there is something missing  in this toolkit - just leave a comment.

Build and Packaging Tools

CAML/Search Tools

Visual Studio Optimisations

Content/Config Replication

SharePoint Extensions

Testing Tools

Inspection Tools


STSADM and Powershell Tools

Planning/Design Tools

Other tools

.NET Essentials


Jeremy Thake said...

WOW that's a really cool comprehensive list of tools!

Is this what you use with all your projects as there seem to be some overlaps in terms of functionality there.

The community has started a list here on the be great to get your feedback!

Anonymous said...

IronPython is useful for interactively scripting against the MOSS API. Have you tried it?

Anonymous said...

+ SPDisposeCheck

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