Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Installed programs on my Windows 7 PC

I finished reinstalling my portable with Windows 7 over the weekend and I must admit it was a smooth experience. So what do I install on my Windows 7:

I have to admit that as a SharePoint guy I do most of my work within my virtual machines so all the dev tools are installed on these machines. Although SharePoint 2010 can be installed on my Windows 7 I still prefer to use virtual machines – see Setting up the Development environment for SharePoint Server 2010.

Any other tools you can’t live without on your machine?

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Marijn said...

you could try tweetdeck instead of twhirl..

and a messenger application as well to stay in touch with the co-workers

Andy Burns said...

What, no graphics package? I couldn't do web dev without one (Paintshop Pro is still my favourite, but that's just personal preference).

I suppose it's sort of a development tool, but not something I'm going to install into VMs.

A decent text editor in the host is a must for me too. I don't want to have to fire up a VM for that! My personal favourite is still Textpad, but I mean to have a look for better.

TrueCrypt, for storing all those passwords, etc..


(It is always interesting to see what other people use...)

MicrosoftTrainingCourses said...

What's Office 2010 beta like? I've been waiting for them to sync up Outlook with external email accounts for a while

Srini said...

I use VirtualBox and have no issues.
Installation was smooth. You can even take snapshots. Before buying VMWare Workstation I wanted to give this a try, for now I am keeping this.


Anonymous said...


Jan said...

Paint.Net for some simple graphics stuff.