Saturday, January 16, 2010

Office 2010 multiple upload with SharePoint Server 2007

The new user interface for uploading multiple documents to a document library is actually part of the Office 2010 clients – so if you install Word 2010 you will also be able to use the new “drag & drop” upload control together with SharePoint Server 2007.

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Philipp Schumann said...

Glad to see multi-uploads are getting better. Does it deal in a better way with auto check-out or batch check-in yet? Also wondering if it will support recursively uploading and keeping intact entire folder structures, or let you ZIP-on-Upload or Unzip-on-the-server... shameless plug: if you need that kind of functionality very badly you may want to check out our UploadZen tool. (Just saying because I truly believe it adds tremendous value for those really advanced uploading needs that you do sometimes have when migrating massive document bases!)