Monday, August 08, 2011

SharePoint data visualization with the Silverlight Pivot Viewer

A while ago I was looking for another way to visualize large dataset from within SharePoint – a cool way to do this is using the Microsoft Silverlight Pivot Viewer (check out The Silverlight Pivot Viewer Control documentation and videos  for more background info how to use this) – a great example of this is the Top SharePoint Internet Sites liver pivot .

At first I thought about writing a generic webpart myself which would load the cxml file (this is basically a specific xml format for defining the Pivot collection which you want to display) – but then I found this great project on Codeplex from Xavier Vanneste called the Pivot Viewer for SharePoint.

The Pivot Viewer for SharePoint Codeplex project contains an HTTP handler to dynamically generate a cxml file for a specific list or library – it also handles the Deepzoom image generation using Office Web Apps - and a webpart which is used to render the cxml file created by the HTTP Handler.

Off course you can still build your own custom solution on top of the Silverlight Pivot Viewer – these are the tools that you need to install to get going:

Some other links which might get you started:

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