Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BIWUG on authenticating SharePoint apps and supporting SharePoint in the Cloud

On the 20th of May BIWUG is organizing the final session before summer holidays – don’t forget to register for BIWUG2005 because there are some great sessions planned.

Authenticating client-side applications in cross-domains & hybrid environments (Speaker: Stephane Eyskens, SharePoint Technical Architect - http://www.silver-it.com/ )

SharePoint 2013 comes with many new challenges among which the rising of client side technologies. In this session, I will not talk about Knockout, AngularJS whose everybody is talking about, I'm rather going to talk about diffent techniques to tackle client side related challenges, particularly regarding cross-domain & authentication by leveraging HTML5, CORS, infrastructure workarounds and SharePoint built-in APIs. I'll be talking about two different real world implementations (1 project 100% on-prem and 1 onprem+azure) and two different ways of solving these issues. After this session, developers should have a better understanding of the tools & techniques available to handle those complex problems.

Supporting SharePoint in the Cloud: insights, figures, challenges,… (Speaker: Pascal Benois, EMEA Technical Support Lead Office 365 at Microsoft)

What does it take to support Office 365 for 2.500.000 customers in EMEA ? What are the biggest challenges, most common issues, …?  With the success of O365, the IT Pro and Dev landscapes are evolving and raising new challenges. One thing is for sure, there will be no way back. During this session, I will expose what the current situation is and what it is expected to be in the near future, how Microsoft address the partners and “broad commercial” ecosystems in terms of support and delivery. Also expect some insights about upcoming features and roadmap.


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