Wednesday, November 12, 2014

BIWUG on apps for SharePoint Server 2010 and data driven collaboration


On the 26th of November BIWUG is organizing our next session – don’t forget to register for BIWUG2611 because there are some great sessions planned.

Writing apps on SharePoint Server 2010 (Speaker: Akshay Koul, SharePoint CoOrdinator at Self, )

The session is geared towards developers/advanced users and explains how you can write enterprise level applications on SharePoint 2010 without any server side code.  We will go through real life applications and discuss the mechanisms used, the provisioning process, debugging techniques as well as best practices. The application written are fully compatible with Office 365/SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2013.

Preparing for the upcoming (r)evolution from User Adoption to Data-Driven Collaboration (Speaker: Peter Van Hees, MVP Office 365/Collaboration architect, )

As Consultants we (try to) listen to our customer, (try to) address the requirements ... and finally (try to) deploy the solution. This seems like an easy job, but in reality Collaboration projects - and especially SharePoint or Yammer implementations - are a little more challenging. The fast adoption of cloud computing has introduced a new currency for license-based software: User Engagement. If you can’t engage your users, your revenue stream will start to spiral downwards. It should be obvious that Office 365 (and all of its individual components) are not exempt. We all need to focus on the post deployment!

This story bears its roots in my hands-on experience while trying to launch Yammer initiatives. It seems that everyone agrees that Yammer is a wonderful and viral service ... yet, the conversations seems to flat line in most organizations. We will review how you should (already) be addressing User Adoption now; but, more importantly, we will spend more time to look into the stars … a future where Data-Driven Collaboration will take User Engagement to the next level. This isn't a story about Delve. It's about ensuring you integrate data in all your projects to prepare for the future. The age of smart software …

18:00 - 18:30 ... Welcome and snack

18:30 - 19:30 ... Writing apps on SharePoint Server 2010 (Speaker: Askhay Koul)

19:30 - 19:45 ... Break

19:45 - 20:45 ... Preparing for the upcoming (r)evolution from User Adoption to Data-Driven Collaboration( Speaker: Peter Van Hees )

20:45 - …      ... SharePint!

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