Monday, November 17, 2014

Webinar: What’s new on the Microsoft Azure Data Platform

On Thursday 20th of November I will be delivering a webinar on the new capabilities in the Microsoft Azure Data Platform.  With the recent addition of three new services - Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Data Factory and Azure Event Hubs - Microsoft is making progress in building the best cloud platform for both big data solutions as well as enabling the Internet of Things (IoT). These additions will allow you to process, manage and orchestrate data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors and turn this data into valuable insights for your business.

The above mentioned new services extend Microsoft's existing big data offering based on HDInsight and Azure Machine Learning. HDInsight is Microsoft's offering of Hadoop functionality on Microsoft Azure. It simplifies the setup and configuration of Hadoop cluster by offering it as an elastic service. Azure Machine Learning is a new Microsoft Azure-based tool that helps organization build predictive models using built in machine learning algorithms all from a web console.

In this webinar I will show what are the key capabilities of these different components, how they fit together and how you can leverage them in your own solutions.

Register for this free webinar “What’s new on the Microsoft Azure Data Platform” and get up to speed in less than one hour.

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