Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Deja vu - the browser wars?

A long time ago there was this little company called Netscape. It had only one application called a "browser",... But then on August 10, 1995, Netscape went public and it turned out to be the largest public IPO in Wall Street history. People started dreaming, maybe Bill dropped the ball and they already predicted the demise of Microsoft. But Microsoft reactly swiftly and this ignited the first browser wars.

But this time it is different, although the newslines seem to be the same see Browser Wars Back On. This is not a for profit company, this is Open Source. And it looks as if Firefox is actually gaining ground... I just took a look at which browsers people are using to visit this blog. Amazing....

  1. Internet Explorer 6.x 74.2 %

  2. Mozilla Firefox 1.x 25.8 %

Something that is however not discussed in most articles is the fact that people are not only using browsers but also news aggregators to surf the Net. Since I read a lot of blogs, I think that the majority of the time I use RSS Bandit when accessing the Internet.

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