Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Newly released code for SharePoint and CMS

It's amazing how productive people are lately, another bunch of nice code for SharePoint and CMS has been released:
  • Webpart control which displays content from MSCMS from Stephen Huen

  • Posting about using Web Author to Insert Internal Bookmarks (MSCMS)

  • MSCMS Health check tool

  • The TemplatedWebPartZone source code is now available on the WebPart Components workspace. (SPS/WSS)

  • MCMS.RAPID launched: MCMS.Rapid is a framework for MSCMS development, it is downloadable for free under open source agreement

  • Document Library Browser for WSS/SPS

  • Source code for the CMS Metadata placeholder from Jesper Halvorsen

  • CustomPropertyDbEx (article) / CustomPropertyDbEx (source code) - this is a replacement for the custom properties in CMS
  • ... and of course SmartPart 1.0., download the installer here - For those of you who have done webpart development, this tool will solve a lot of time while development, provides an alternative way of building webparts with usercontrols, enables webpart connections easily and runs under minimal trust
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