Monday, December 06, 2004

More SharePoint stuff

After cleaning up my RSS postings for review, I selected interesting SharePoint postings
  • Restrict a Customized Search to an Individual, New, Programatically-Created Content Source

  • Setting a WebPart Title programmatically - when is it a good time to do so? - Interesting article about the event lifecycle of webparts

  • Interesting "over-documented" setting in SharePoint Portal Server regarding alerts - Summary, scheduling alerts doesn't work - they are send whenever an index update is done. This feature was removed during development, but they forgot to take it out of the documentation - go figure ;-)

  • People Finder Web Part Nice little tool from Mark Bower, great code, definitely take a look at it

  • Writing Windows SharePoint Services Server-Side controls

  • Microsoft has located the Language bug in Sharepoint. It seems that .Net 1.1 SP1 causes SPS administration pages to switch back to English. Whow,finally the multilanguage functionality I wanted ... ;-)

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