Sunday, March 06, 2005

About SharePoint, CMS, uncertainty and IBF

  • The software engineering uncertainty principle - Interesting article about why uncertainty is inherent to software development

  • Windows SharePoint Services and session state

  • WordProcessingML and Java - ...found through John Durants blog)

  • Customizing Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework for Microsoft CRM

  • Enabling SSL Protection on MCMS Sites
  • The intersection of Objects and Services - OO design doesn't work so well when creating outer boundaries of programs, therefore we see a lot more articles appearing about Service Oriented Architecture.

  • Microsoft CRM 2005 - Next version focus areas

  • The learning blogosphere - Interesting posting about how blogs can be used to enhance the learning experience

  • Introduction to Team Architect Edition Application Designer, Part 1

  • Customizing list item forms in Windows SharePoint Services - Newly released MSDN article

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