Monday, March 14, 2005

Visual Studio Team System Team System on MSDN ASP.Net 2.0 Tour

A couple of weeks ago, the MSDN ASP.Net 2.0 arrrived in Belgium, unfortunately David Platt and Dave Webster were still in Copenhague. So we got another interesting speaker,
Prashant Sridharan which is a group manager for VS Team System (He arrived at 5 in the morning after getting a phone call at 1h30 at night ...and did a great job...). I hadn't seen a lot about it and I have to say I'm pretty impressed, here are some highlights
  • Integrated unit testing tools (including code coverage tracking),profiling tools and code analysis tools (with a predefined set of rules which you can completely modify)

  • Creating code from within your architecture modeling tools

  • You have a complete designer surface for all of your classes and you can switch between visual design mode and code mode. The modeling is not UML2.0 compliant but you can plug in your own modeling tools

  • Team system will ship with 2 different process methodologies which you can fully adapt (a process editor will be shipped as well...):
  • MSF Agile which you can already download separatelyhere.

  • A more formal methodology which is CMMI Level 3 compliant

  • You will be able to enforce rules from these methodogies within your VS.Net e.g. do not allow check in of code if no workitem is associated

  • Some more info is to be found on the VS.Net Team System site

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