Saturday, February 18, 2006

2007 Office System - Synopsis and some remarks

Microsoft just released details on Packaging and Pricing for the new Office Suite:

Finally the speculation about which different Office Servers Microsoft would release is over. There will be no separate Excel Server, CMS has been integrated into SharePoint Server 2007 but we will see a separate Forms Server, an electronic forms solution which allow users to fill in InfoPath Forms through a common web browser.

Another surprise was the actual demise of FrontPage - this product has been rebranded to SharePoint Designer 2007 and will focus more on web development with SharePoint and less on general web design. General web design functionalities will be available in the new Expression Web Designer

In the product fact sheet we also see a new EPM product surfacing - Office Project Portfolio Server 2007. This will be a top-down portfolio management governance solution.It has been designed to help ensure that organizations gain visibility, insight and control over their project, program and application portfolios. Project Portfolio Servers analytical modules will help ensure that organizations can prioritize, optimize and select the investments that are best aligned with their strategic priorities, and proactively schedule the selected projects to maximize resource utilization across the planning horizon.

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    Ricardo Magalhães said...

    Very nice info, thanks

    Mark said...

    Forms server is available both separately and bundled into SharePoint Server.