Monday, February 27, 2006

SharePoint Server 2007 Search

I recently came accross this posting from Arpan Shah - Office "12" Beta at Microsoft - especially the last paragraph was quite interesting:

There are a bunch of great WSS "v3" and Office "12" SharePoint Servers features that are my personal favorite that I've already blogged about... but the one feature that recently got exposed internally was the next version of SharePoint Search. Sure, the relevancy is significantly better for enterprise search, there are great User Experience enhancements (query hit highlighting, query correction, duplicate collapsing, et cetera)... but the one thing that absolutely takes it to another level is how the next generation SPS search technology allows you to search business data. Data trapped in LOB systems will be searchable in Office "12". We've deployed it internally to search our CRM database so I can find information on a customer very easily. :-) I've used this several times over the last couple weeks to find a specific account manager for a specific account. It's jaw dropping amazing.

P.S. This is the first posting tagged SharePoint2007 in Technorati ... I hope a lot more will follow in the coming months ;-)

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