Wednesday, August 23, 2006

MOSS 2007 and Exchange 2007

I saw Angus Logan his post about MOSS2007 and Exchange 2007 better together for compliance a while ago and I was very impressed with the functionality described. It is not so clear however where Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 actually comes in:

  • Ability to capture messages between internal and external parties and between internal parties through the use of server side rules.
  • Copy all messages to a central record store, and to journal emails in transit.  
  • The ability for and administrator to search all email across accounts centrally to discover content (never used to be able to do this).
  • Enforce Chinese walls within organisations, important in FSI.
  • Remove the ability to have PST folders.
  • Enforce retention limits on users.
  • Allow users to easily promote emails as records and enforce policy through AD.
  • Create one or more centrally managed record repositories to handle electronic and physical records as well as all email communication.
  • The ability to expire content and define what action should take place once that content has expired.
  • Easily promote documents as records and capture all their meta-data including versions, audit trail etc.
  • Legal holds.

I’m definitely interested in seeing some more postings about these topics. If you have seen some information, please add the link to the comments.

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