Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ruby on Rails in Visual Studio.Net

From Walt Ritscher:

It seems that a lot of my colleagues are intrigued with Ruby and it's web cousin Ruby on Rails.  I have to admit I'm intrigued with the language, I just haven't had the time to look into the benefits of Ruby first hand.

A couple of people/companies are working on .NET implementations for Ruby.  Last week at the Portland Code Camp I sat in on IronRuby session.  A very interesting look at how Wilco Bauwer is building a version of Ruby that runs on the .NET CLR.   Wilco is an intern on the ASP.NET team and still finds spare time to work on the Iron Ruby project.

Another interesting find is Ruby in Steel.  This is a Visual Studio implementation of Ruby on Rails from a company name SapphireSteel.  You can use all the tools you know and love from Visual Studio to build, modify and test Ruby on Rails code.  They're still in early beta releases but it looks very interesting to me.  According to their web site SapphireSteel will release a commercial version and a free standard edition.

I might be learning Ruby on Rails sooner than I thought.


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