Sunday, November 19, 2006

InfoPath/SharePoint blog worthwhile reading

One of the guys on the InfoPath team pointed to the blog of one of my co-workers - Kristof De Causemaeker.


Shoutout to Kristof De Causemaeker - his blog has interesting articles on both InfoPath and SharePoint; couple particularly cool posts:

1) Great walkthrough on template parts, new InfoPath 2007 feature that allows you to modularize components of your form templates.

2) Cool trick on how to make picture buttons in InfoPath 2003 and 2007. It won't work in browser forms, but it can make your smart client forms prettier.

Alex Weinstein
Program Manager


Kristof is also teaching our InfoPath 2007 course - IFP010 - Forms solutions with InfoPath 2007(English description). If you want subscribe to this course just go to - underneath the Education tab you will find both an online calendar or one in PDF format. (The course is located underneath the Office development category).

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