Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Random thoughts about XAML, WFML and similar concepts

I have given a course about .Net 3.0 this week and I was quite impressed when going through the labs about what XAML actually can accomplish.

XAML is basically an XML-based markup “language” that allows you to build up objects using a declarative syntax. When looking for more info I suddenly stumbled upon this article by Joe Stegman which demonstrates something similar called Windows Forms Markup Language (WFML - a 2005 article). Which again led me to this blogpost which talks about Glade and the GTK# UI in Linux - and basically says that the idea of using XML markup for representing UI is not quite new. For more info about Glad - a free interface builder for GTK+ and GNOME - take a look at

Again from here, you are not very far away from similar things such as MyXAML (Also a project which started in 2004) .


I guess I completely missed all these geeky little frameworks - probably serves me right for being so SharePoint focussed :) ...

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Rob Relyea said...

It is excited to finally say that WPF/XAML is shipping. We have been working on it for a long time...with the earliest public preview in October 2003.

Since the 2003 timeframe, I believe we were able to evolve the language to be a less-WPF centric technology. UI, Media, and Documents still work great with XAML.

Now, Microsoft has also shipped Workflow Foundation (which uses XOML files that also use the XAML Language).

Declarative Programming is here to stay!

-Rob Relyea
Program Manager, WPF Team