Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ISV Virtual Labs

David recently pointed to a number of MSDN virtual labs which are part of the ISV training series. There are also a number of interesting 2007 Office System trainings in there - check them out - for all the other trainings (Vista, SQL 2005 and VS2005) take a look at the MSDN virtual labs page.


The 2007 Microsoft Office system

The 2007 Microsoft Office system delivers a new level of programmability and extensibility to the Microsoft Office client applications, as well as new scenarios via the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Try out the 2007 Microsoft Office system in a full-featured MSDN Virtual Lab. It's simple-no complex setup or installation is required.
Creating Workflows for Windows SharePoint Services
Introducing Content Types for Windows SharePoint Services
Understanding the 2007 Microsoft Office System User Experience and Interface Design
Programmatic Manipulation of the Microsoft Office Open XML Formats

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