Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Enabling and disabling Outlook-SharePoint integration

This is question which I got some time ago ... is it possible to disable the Outlook integration with SharePoint? Yes, this seems to be possible - for more information take a look at Enabling and Disabling SharePoint integration in Outlook 2007

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Anonymous said...

hi, can i ask how do you integrate outlook 2003 with moss 2007 ? is it simply a case of installing office 2003 onto the server where moss2007 is installed, or do i need to do something to each client machine ? or is there a setting in sharepoint or outlook 2003 that i must activate to have the integration enabled. At present i have MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0 installed on 1 server but that server does not have office 2003 installed onto it, i then have many client machines with office 2003 and some with office 2007 installed on them, when i go to my sharepoint sites, at no where, on any menu options does it say 'connect to outlook'. Can you help me to find out where i have gone wrong ? maybe i didnt set something up right on installation, maybe i need to configure something in sharepoint central administration. I am lost on this. please help, thank you

Sergio Giusti