Monday, August 20, 2007

Article series - A (Microsoft) code name a day

A while ago Mary Jo Foley started with the article series - A (Microsoft) code name a day - here are some of them which are a little less know (but definitely not less interesting):

  • Harmonica - Best guess on what it is: A P2P data synchronization service that could be key to Microsoft’s cloud-computing vision.
  • Greenland -  Best guess on what it is:  WS-Management Protocol 1.1
  • Jasper  or Dynamic ADO.Net - definitely take a look at this one -  download the  Jasper CTP or at least read about it on the ADO.Net blog
  • Astoria -  Best guess on what it is : A set of technologies allowing applications to expose data as a data service that can be consumed by Web clients within a corporate network and across the Internet. Astoria is one component of Microsoft’s “data-in-the-cloud” strategy. Also take a look at Introducing Project Codename Astoria

Check out the  complete overview of Microsoft Codenames on ZDNet

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