Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cool interview with William Gibson

I must confess that I'm an avid reader - but William Gibson definitely is one of my favorites - there is a very interesting interview with William Gibson at Silicon.Com. My favourite books (watch out -  these books are part of a genre called cyberpunk which you either hate or love ...)

PS The movie Johnny Mnemonic with Keanu Reeves is also based on one of his short novels - but trust me the books are a lot better then this movie ...

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patternboy said...

Hi, enjoyed your blog post re: William Gibson. I am a big fan too and have followed his work very closely for years.

If you are interested, I am posting chapter summaries of Spook Country at http://node.tumblr.com. There are definitely tons of spoilers, maps and pictures of key locations in the real Spook Country, and links to related topics. You might also want to check out Memetic Engineer’s Spook Country website [http://www.spookcountry.co.uk/] with a UK angle on the book.

- patternboy [nodemagazine.com]