Monday, August 04, 2008

Interesting free SharePoint platform extensions

Here are another couple of interesting tools that you can use to extend SharePoint - happy SharePointing

  • Community Kit for SharePoint - especially the Enhanced Blog edition and the Enhanced Wiki Edition are quite interesting ...
  • Search Community Toolkit - The Search Community Toolkit is comprised of a number of tools and code samples that have been contributed to enhance the Microsoft search experience (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) Search, Search Server 2008 and Search Server 2008 Express).  Most of them were already available but there are some new additions as well such as the Search ASP.NET controls - these controls replicate the Search Box and Core Results Web Parts but as ASP.NET Server Controls bound to the search web service. This way you can easily integrate it into your own web site.
  • RSS Reader webpart - This web part serves as an alternative for the MOSS RSS Viewer web part, especially if you do not have MOSS or if you need to display RSS feeds on a WSS site. I needed to write this web part for that exact reason, I didn't have MOSS and I needed an RSS web part on my WSS site. The web part is Ajax enabled for faster page loads.
  • Poll web part - Provides the ability to quickly and easily place a poll onto a site and get feeback from end users, without making them jump to a different page.
  • SharePoint SearchCoder - allows you to use the Search object model in a cleaner fashion.

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Unknown said...

Hey Joris, thanks for noticing SearchCoder, its a work in progress. I'm gradually improving it week by week, making more and more complex queries possible. Let me know if you find time to play with it, keen to incorporate feedback!

Keep the posts coming,