Friday, August 15, 2008

Podcasting Kit for SharePoint (PKS) on Codeplex

The Podcasting Kit for SharePoint is definitely one of the coolest projects on Codeplex using SharePoint -

So what does Podcasting Kit for SharePoint (PKS) do:

  • It provides a platform for delivering audio/video podcasts (with support for Zune, Smartphone or other podcasting devices).
  • I has a built-in rating system, tag cloud support and feedback through comments.
  • Provide RSS feeds for updates about podcasts which are being delivered.
  • Provides a Silverlight-based media plyer with support for progressive playback.

The source code for PKS is free for SharePoint customers under the Microsoft Public License.

I started playing around with PKS in june and after struggling to work myself through the 35 pages of installation documentation - I noticed that the June release was not compatible with Silverlight 2 Beta 2 (Bummer .... :-( ). Another important notice - PKS has been built to work on top of SharePoint Server 2007 - it does not work with WSS 3.0.

So what's new/fixed in the july release (still no support for Silverlight 2Beta 2 - expected for august release)

  • Large file upload support via http and silverlight
  • Podcaster search functionality working as designed
  • RSS feeds working as designed
  • Publish dates displaying correctly
  • The RSS feeds have been updated to handle podcasting tags for any kind which will allow any podcast catching software to read them.
  • The documentation has been updated significantly with many user-feedback requests added. One item that is specifically addressed in the documentation is the post installation configuration.

Can't wait to get my hands on the august release ....

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