Saturday, November 27, 2004

Essential tools for web designers (... or wannabee web designers like me)

The last days I had to create a prototype CMS 2002 site for a customer, unfortunately I had to do it alone this time. Normally we use professional webdesigners for creating the layout of the pages, since user interface is one of the essential parts in developing a web application (Check out Useable Information Technology). Luckily I got some nice tips about which programs you can use to create great websites. If you want to create stylesheets don't use Visual Studio .Net - it works but not very nicely - definitely use TopStyle. There is a free version available for download but the professional version is way better. Another nice tool is ColorImpact, which enables to compose nice color schemes for your pages. And of course last but not least Adobe Photoshop (... but that you all know ...)

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of rapid prototyping on MCMS 2002 - Remember that CMS Rapid should be available 30th November.

- Angus (