Saturday, November 27, 2004

Office 2003 development

Most people don't consider Office as a full blown development platform on which you can build some nice solutions for your customers. With Office 2003 and Visual Studio Tools for Office you can however create some nice applications in which you can use all the features of Office 2003 such as charting (Excel), document handling (Word) and e-mail and calendaring (Outlook). In the past if you had to program in Office, you had to use VBA. With Visual Studio Tools for Office, you can now write .Net applications for Office. Is that nice or what? Unfortunately Visual Tools for Office is only available for download for MSDN subscribers.

  • OfficeZealot: Huge amount of resources for Office 2003 developers

  • Building a professional stock allocation system using Visual Studio Tools for Office

  • Smart Tag Developer Tools

  • Bring the Power of Visual Studio .NET to Business Solutions Built with Microsoft Office

  • Secure and Deploy Business Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office

  • Introduction to the Office 2003 Research Services Class Library

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