Friday, November 19, 2004

Reflector for .Net + addons

A tool definitely worthwhile for .Net developers is Reflector for .NET . Reflector is a class browser for .NET components. It supports assembly and namespace views, type and member search, XML documentation, call and callee graphs, IL, Visual Basic, Delphi and C# decompiler, dependency trees, base type and derived type hierarchies and resource viewers. There are also some nice addons for this tool:
  • Reflector.FileDisassembler : You can use it to dump the decompiler output to files of any Reflector supported language (C#, VB.NET, Delphi). This is extremely useful if you are searching for a specific line of code as you can use VS.NET's "Find in Files" or want to convert a class from one language to another.

  • Reflector Diff - original release and Reflector Diff 0.6 Beta

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