Monday, February 15, 2010

SharePoint Server 2010 – Social Data Statistics Web Part

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This sample consists of a Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Visual Web part project. After you build and deploy this project on your Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 site, you can add this Web part to any page where you want to display statistics for the social tagging activities of your users. The Web part displays the following information in three tables:

  1. Each URL that has been tagged, and the terms with which each URL has been tagged.
  2. Each term that has been used in a social tag, and the number of times that term has been used.
  3. Each user who has added a social tag, and the number of times that user has tagged URLs.

The sample demonstrates how to use the new Social Data object model in SharePoint Server 2010. It also takes advantage of the SharePoint Visual Web Part template, one of the new SharePoint templates that you can use in Visual Studio 2010.

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