Thursday, February 04, 2010

Corporate culture, not technology, drives collaboration

This post in Webworker daily about the significance of corporate culture on collaboration within your organization reminds me of some other blog posts which I wrote a while back:

The author clearly makes the statement that you first need a corporate culture which embraces a new work paradigm where you empower people to organize work in their own fashion. This is similar to what I wrote earlier:

I think that you will first need to create a mindset within your company which is ready to embrace collaboration and knowledge sharing before you can start thinking about Enterprise 2.0 - a view which is confirmed by this guy  - Enterprise 2.0 - Culture required?  But on the other hand for those people in your company who get it, you want to provide the necessary tools.

With a new web savvy generation entering the work force companies will need to provide the necessary tools and freedom to allow people to work in ways that you probably did not imagine. This will mainly require a shift in management style from command and control to collaborate and connect

Our CEO once wrote – the culture of an enterprise is largely determined by the behavior of its leaders (for the dutch text – see De cultuur van een onderneming wordt bepaald door het gedrag van zijn leiders) – a quote taken from Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done by Larry Bossidy. I could not agree more.

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