Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Connecting your Business solution with the Core Platform - (DevDays2005)

I wasn't completely sure what to expect about this second session, ... Well it seemed that this session talked mostly about the 2 main ERP products that Microsoft offers - Navision and Axapta and how you can connect your daily information worker tools - Word, Excel and Outlook - to them through the Information Bridge Framework (the version which was demonstrated was version 1.0 and well lets say that Murphy was definitely in the house). Things I noted down which I need to take a further look at:
  • XML ports for Navision 4.0 - I know I subscribed to a TechNet evening about this a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately it got cancelled

  • Axapta Portal (first time I here a mention of this - is it SharePoint based I'm wondering?)

  • Navision definitely isn't IBF aware, so you have to create your own IBF compliant webservice layer around it (For those of you who don't now IBF, it stands for Information Bridge Framework)

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