Saturday, February 26, 2005

RSS, XML, SharePoint and other stuff last week

Let's compile another list of stuff which was delivered last week ( kind of as a personal reminder to check out later):
  • RSS 2.0 framework - this framework implements the RSS 2.0 specification as strongly typed class

  • Article about implementing IXMLSerializable
  • SPS Advanced Search Tools released by Matt Cosier, he also created a site for SPSAST

  • Useage statistics in SharePoint - Great article about all the hidden secrets of usage statistics

  • Article about SPS Calendar views

  • A discussion started after Scobles statement - You should be fired if you do a marketing site without an RSS feed., Eric Peterson answered with Scoble, who I normally enjoy reading, says something typical of RSS evangelist and Gartenberg agrees with Eric Peterson. Scoble responds with It is not about the RSS, stupid (Well not exactly with these words, but that's what I would say) and then back to Eric with I guess I misunderstood Scoble but ...

  • Bryant Likes released Reporting Services webparts 1.3

  • Template switch for CMS released on Gotdotnet

  • Tim Heuers wrote a posting What SharePoint Consultants ought to know

  • Through Patricks blog - IBF 1.5 download and IBF 1.5 resource kit available. Read about Patricks demo of IBF 1.5 on DevDays 2005
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