Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Sneak preview of the future of web development (DevDays2005)

Second session I followed yesterday - "Sneak preview of the future of web development", ASP.Net 2.0 or twodothoo ...;-) -,... nothing really new over here and I think most people who have been playing around with the beta builds of VS.Net will have to agree but again some little snippets of interesting information:
  • ASP.Net 2.0 will offer improved SQL cache invalidation - in combination with SQL 2000 you will be able to invalidate a cache at table level, in combination with SQL 2005 even at record level

  • I saw some demos off interesting features such as master pages, the new gridview control, membership service and the role management service

  • ASP.Net 2.0 provides extra services within the framework through the use of providers. They even told us that Microsoft will provide the code which is used to implement these providers so that we can extend the currently available providers

  • If you want to learn more, check out
  • MSDN ASP.Net developer center

  • Visual Studio 2005 Developer center

  • Official Microsoft ASP.Net site
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