Saturday, February 26, 2005

Turning to the darkside - taking a Java programming course

I'm currently following a Java programming course, ... so maybe the next couple of weeks you will see some Java related postings. There are a lot of misconceptions about Java in the Microsoft development community and I hope that taking a course will allow me to do some Java bashing with a thorough understanding of what I'm talking about ( Just kidding ...) By the way, for some recent .Net bashing check out James Goslings comments about .Net and Don Boxes comments.

Some interesting links I'm going to explore the next couple of hours:
  • Javablogs

  • Spring Framework

  • Eclipse

  • Thinking in Java - Book from Bruce Eckel about Java programming

  • Pick up performance with generational garbage collection

  • PS Talking about the dark side of Java, check out Turn to the dark side Luke, it is your destiny

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