Thursday, February 03, 2005

Office solution accelerators have disappeared...

If you go to the download pages of both Office Solution Accelerator for Proposals and the Office Solution Accelerator for Recruiting, you will notice that it says that you can know find the downloads on GotDotNet. Unfortunately I can't find them over there, anybody any ideas?
Update: Found the code for Office Solution Accelerator for Proposals - go to this GotDotnet Workspace (Thanks Derek) and here is the code for the other one,Gotdotnet workspace for the Recruiting accelerator (The accelerator for recruiting is members only...)


Raghuraman said...


The code for the Office Solution Accelerators has disappeared from gotdotnet also. Could you please pass on the code to me please???

jopx said...

I did not download them either unfortunately ... Are you planning to use them in combination with MOSS or still with SPS2003?