Thursday, February 03, 2005

SPSvNext wishlist

A couple of days ago, Heather published a prediction and wish list for the next version of SharePoint.
Things she mentionned on her wishlist:
(1) Late-Bound Security - people hate seeing links that they don't have privileges for
(2) Better Search Interface - the SPS search engine is great; the interface for entering queries and seeing results is terrible
(3) Better Customization Tools - You shouldn't have to manually alter CSS and XML files to expose additional functionality
(4) No more DOS - template publishing should be cleaner... the current generation doesn't know how to use DOS...

Ok, lets add my wishlist ... (Everybody feel free to add your own in the comments)
(1) Possibility to attach events to every type of list and not only to the document library
(2) Real multilanguage scenarios both on Portal as on the site level - come on Bill, just take a look at websphere and learn... ;-)
(3) Give us single document security
(4) More integration between the Portal and the WSS sites
(5) An easier way to develop custom site definitions
(6) Make it possible to develop webparts like normal usercontrols (this one will probably be done...)
(7)A different licensing model - create license models which don't need the extra investment in CALS.
(8)Possibility to replicate data between SharePoint Servers in different geographical locations

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