Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Why blogs rule - Synopsis from On the pod with Scobble

I finally got around to listening to some of the stuff I downloaded - here's a quick synopsis about one of the podcasts I listened to, "On the Pod with Robert Scobble" (Check out other podcasts on GDayworld from the Aussies down under Cameron Reilly and Mick Stanic). At a certain point he's talking about the 5 pillars of conversational software or more specifically blogs:
  • Easy to publish - Traditional publishing software such as CMS is deeply engrained in corporate processes, blogs are more relaxed in the way it allows to publish information

  • Discoverable - It should be easy to discover new information - if you want to know if new information is published on a website, you have to actively surf to the site, with RSS feeds the information is coming to you

  • Linking behaviour - If you go to Technocrati you can find a subset of bloggers which talk about a certain topic and it becomes very easy through all the interblog links to find the most relevant information about the topic you are interested.

  • Permalinking - Each piece of microcontent on your site will have a permanent link, so you can reorganize the information without people losing the link to this information

  • Syndication - You can follow up on information a lot faster by using a RSS aggregator instead just using a browser to surf to the individual sites - the RSS aggregator will remove all the visual clutter on websites - it will automatically show new information - you can easily track them (add them items to review, for followup, etc...)

  • Unfortunately not everybody seems to share his viewpoints - check out his recent posting
    "I am so pissed.
    Yesterday I ripped the head off of a coworker. He works in marketing on a major Microsoft product. I'm not going to identify it or him.
    He called me yesterday and said:
    "Hey, Scoble, we've done a fun site but no one is linking to it."
    My first question?
    "Do you have an RSS feed?"
    "No, this site is for non geeks."
    At that point I just lost it. I think I swore a bit. I am so mad 20 hours later that I can't even remember what I said.
    That demonstrates an utter cluelessness about how hype gets generated. If you don't have RSS, how will anyone who is a connector build a relationship with your site?
    "Why don't you get your non-geek friends to link to it then?"
    I think he had heard that lots of press was reading blogs and wanted to get Walt Mossberg or Steven Levy to talk about this marketing site and figured he'd use me to drive traffic.
    Sorry, if you do a marketing site and you don't have an RSS feed today you should be fired.
    I'll say it again. You should be fired if you do a marketing site without an RSS feed.
    " Read more ...

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