Sunday, February 20, 2005

Office 2003 and XML, MSCMS and SharePoint

A lot of cool tools, articles and other stuff were released last week - here's a quick overview:

Office 2003 and XML
  • XML tools addin for Word

  • XML tools addin for Excel - simplifies some tasks such as converting ranges to list with some quick customization, creating an XSD for a schema behind an active cell, refreshing XML maps in the workbook, or viewing the XML properties of a given cell

  • Word 2003 Sample: Transforming Word Documents into the XSL-FO Format - Transform word documents into XSL Formatting Objects, XSLFO can be used to transform the documents into html or pdf

  • Word 2003 Sample: Automating Word Tables for Data Insertion and Extraction -
    Use these sample files to learn how best to automate the creation and formatting of tables in Word. Get information about optimizing performance, populating a table with data, formatting table structure, linking table data, and extracting data from a table.

  • Using Excel 2003 XML tools addin version 1.1 - Article about the downloadable tools addin for XML

  • MSCMS(Microsoft Content Management Server)
  • MCMS Rapid Launch (Blog) and MCMS Rapid website - this tool allows for rapid development of MSCMS sites

  • Free online edition of Building websites with CMS (2 complete chapters in pdf format and a summary for all the other chapters)

  • SharePoint
  • Building webparts the smart way - Article about how to build webparts with Smartpart. One of the major disadvantages of traditional web part development steps is that building web parts this way requires extensive coding with respect to the UI you want to provide within the web part. At the time of writing, there is no designer available for developers to create the body of a web part in a very WYSIWYG manner - SmartPart provides you with a way to develop webparts through the use of usercontrols

  • UGS TeamCenter - these guys have a lot of webparts and some of them you can even download for free

  • U2U released their RSS feed generator for SharePoint

  • Digilink Revelation 1.5 released - this tools allows for offline usage of SharePoint libraries

  • I will probably updated my SharePoint Tools Galore list with all of the tools mentionned in this posting.

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