Saturday, February 26, 2005

Alternative search engines for CMS

I already blogged about some of the search engine alternatives for CMS (Microsoft Content Management Server)- here's a quick overview - for a previous comparison check out Musings about Search on the Server

  • MondoSearch - Commercial search engine for CMS - lots of features, easy to integrate into your .Net web applications (has a complete .Net SDK) but quite expensive. Other postings: Mondosoft .Net search kit and CMS Search with Mondosoft

  • Coveo Enterprise Search - Commercial search engine, if you have a small CMS site, less then 5000 pages, it is free. Again lots of features, but no direct .Net SDK. This solution becomes quite expensive when you have lots of documents/webpages to index. Related postings: Coveo Enterprise Search - my opinion

  • SharePoint Portal Server - You can use SPS to index CMS website as well as fileshares, Exchange, Lotus Notes,... But you probably won't buy SharePoint to simply index your CMS.

  • MCMS.Search - Free solution from Snowvalley, based on the DotLucene project (This is actually a port from the Java version Lucene)

  • Fulltext search for CMS - is a blogposting about how you can easily write your own CMS search implementation based on " target="_blank">DotLucene
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