Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Why blogs matter...

Here's another posting about blogs .... (For another posting check out Blogs vs Traditional forms of marketing )

A couple of months ago, I did a presentation about blogs, one of the slides I showed was - "Blogs why should we care":
From a company point of view:
  • Great way to deliver news and upcoming events - interactive marketing opportunities - blogs are part of growing ecosystem of communities (be it about common interests, products,...)

  • Use weblogs to deliver more information to customers

  • High level of interactivity with customers possible without much effort

  • Improve communication and collaboration within your company

  • From an employee standpoint
  • You can blog to stand out in the crowd - use blogs as your personal marketing tool

  • A handy tool to keep up to date about a very diverse number of topics - without having to do a lot of work

  • For developers - Blogs are an excellent example of distributed XML and webservice applications (Read the article about DasBlog in MSDN Architect Journal 1)

    Blogs are marked of one of the trends for 2005 - check out Hottest branding trends for 2005 - they were even mentionned in Fortune magazine (Why there's no escaping the blog) as the top trend for 2005 - Scobble got mentioned too - definitely check out his blog - Scobbleizer - Microsoft Geek Blogger

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